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Our experience in the development and production of children’s footwear at the service of major fashion brands.

The LEPI shoe factory, specialized in making children’s shoes for big brands, has been developing junior shoe projects for fashion houses looking for style, quality and artisan experience for years.

The children’s fashion industry is a dynamic and constantly growing sector, which is why the LEPI company has always invested in research and development to offer high quality products to brands that use our services.

We have strengthened our collaborations with fashion brands thanks to recognized values ​​such as:

  • Excellence in quality, where we ensure to provide our customers with the highest quality junior footwear, made with safe and durable materials.
  • Innovative design, where creativity and innovation allows us to develop unique and distinctive projects in the market in collaboration with major brands.
  • Fashion trends, where we guarantee a constant update on the latest fashion trends for children, allowing us to develop ever more current and desirable products.
  • Flexibility, to accommodate any customer needs. Flexible and ready to adapt to requests and expectations.
  • Timeliness and reliability, strictly respecting the delivery deadlines of the collections.
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We are the ideal partner for major fashion brands for the development of children's footwear projects.

LEPI with its team of footwear designers and technicians guarantees excellence in design and development, our creativity combined with a solid technical and artisan knowledge allows us to develop innovative products and increasingly quality footwear.

We invest in advanced prototyping technologies that allow us to create patterns and samples faster and more efficiently. Our ability to deliver high quality prototypes allows us to reduce development times and meet the needs of fashion brands.

We continue to improve production processes, adopting innovative and sustainable techniques. Our production efficiency and respect for the environment are a distinctive element for customers who seek to develop projects that are increasingly sensitive to the environment and eco-sustainability.

Another distinctive aspect that sets us apart is that we offer rigorous quality, safety and fit tests during all stages of development and production of children’s footwear for successful brands. An added value that allows us to work closely with customers to create products that meet their expectations.

Our commitment to technical excellence, sustainability and innovation allows us to be a reliable and trusted partner for major fashion brands, offering comprehensive support during project development, collection fine-tuning and the industrialization of kids’ footwear.

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