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Kids shoes production consultancy, we help fashion brands to give more value to their products!

Withover 45 years of history, the LEPI shoe factory through its artisan knowledge in the creation of children’s shoes and the use of modern technologies, is able to offer the big fashion brands a series of verticalized services on footwear, to allow them to give more and more value to the finished product, be one step ahead of new trends and constantly maintain the loyalty of their consumers.

The LEPI company makes a technical and design team available to each client, to assist them in the realization of the project; customers rely on us for targeted advice related to every particular aspect of development.

Luxury brands make use of our experience.

The development of a children’s shoe is a process that requires attention to detail and a rigorous sequence of phases, from the initial brief to the final design and production. Through a consultancy activity, the LEPI shoe factory supports the projects of the most important fashion brands, choosing together the right development strategies and objectives for the new collections of junior fashion accessories.

Our activity integrates and makes use of assistance and technical support from the style office to address any critical issues of the product right from the project: the analysis of market trends and design trends, the development of new models, the choice of materials to use and immediately find alternative solutions to optimize production and reduce costs.

Our know-how also allows us to closely monitor the children’s fashion market. Participation in trade fairs and sector events allows us to stay constantly updated on new developments, new technologies and materials.

Our goal is to optimize the projects of the big children's footwear brands.

Children’s footwear is at the center of our experience and services, from its design to development, up to production planning.

We invest in the research of innovative and sustainable materials, we explore new technologies and production processes that reduce the environmental impact and optimize efficiency.

The LEPI shoe factory is always looking for new ways to integrate social, environmental and economic sustainability into every production process, helping to ensure that the production of footwear for fashion brands is sustainable and compliant.


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