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Strobel processing

A professional seam that makes the shoe flexible.

The innovative Strobel manufacturing method guarantees lightness and flexibility. The upper is joined to a lightweight insole forming a pouch which is then joined to the sole. The Strobel construction allows to contain the weight, very important for children’s shoes, which require great comfort.

Our artisans specialized in the footwear sector carry out this professional stitching with the best yarns, using high quality machinery, with the original Strobel brand.

The characteristic Strobel manufacturing makes the shoe particularly flexible, a benefit of walking comfort.

Comfort is also ensured by the use of soft, elastic and resistant leathers such as nappa leather, patent leather, nubuck and suede, which adapt perfectly to the shape of the foot.

LEPI signed shoes interpret and transmit all the excellence and versatility of Made in Italy, revealing themselves to be perfect on any occasion, always able to make a difference by offering an always innovative style.

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