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Quality check

Our quality assurance service and customizable checklists based on the needs of fashion brands help ensure the quality of our clients’ products at every stage of the production chain.

Quality control systems

We verify the constructive integrity, safety and quality of our children’s shoes, based on the indications of the quality standard required by the brand.

We check the quality of the finished product in order to evaluate the suitability before shipment.

Our shoes are checked one by one, making sure that they do not present any defects.

Our commitment to manufacturing quality

Behind each of our shoes there is a story that describes all stages of development. With our production we try to tell the values of quality and beauty, but above all of the commitment and professionalism used in the production of children’s shoes. We can say that many hours have been spent making sure that everything is perfect. And only the best shoes will reach the end of the process and therefore the LEPI shoe factory is a guarantee of Made In Italy quality.

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