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Waterproof manufacturing

LepiTex® is our waterproof line

With our Waterproof processing system, a membrane is applied between the inner lining and the upper, making the shoe waterproof and permeable to heat, so as to prevent foot perspiration.
It is made with a special polyurethane and a non-deformable and breathable material, which allows the characteristics of the shoe to remain unchanged, in any weather condition.

This process combines the use of a tested waterproof and breathable membrane with the particular “bootie” construction method, which consists in the creation of an inner sock with heat-sealed seams that allow the waterproofness of the children’s shoe to be maintained.

The LepiTex® system and technology

The LepiTex® line, with this Waterproof finish, simultaneously offers good breathability for the feet of the little ones, also preventing the penetration of water and cold.

Composed of 100% polyurethane and PES backing for the mesh. The toe of the shoe is round, comfortable and reinforced; equally the heel, comfortable and reinforced to support the ankle.

The characteristics and quality of the materials used also provide excellent resistance to both abrasion and bending of the children’s shoe, as well as a long life.

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