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Project Development

Starting from a design idea or a children’s shoe project, the LEPI company integrates experience, research, study and technology, necessary for the creation of footwear for successful brands.

Your ideas take shape.

At the beginning of the design phase it will be important to rectify and correct any type of production problem, a critical point in the subsequent production of the shoe.

After a careful evaluation of the processes and components necessary for the realization of the product, we select the best materials to create high quality fashion footwear.

Shoe design and atelier.

In the shoe design phase, all the stylistic and shape aspects are studied and the problems relating to the correct postural position are considered.

Study and technical analysis of production.

We study the perception and comfort of each junior footwear collection, through a biomechanical study of the relationship between the child’s foot and the shoe being worn, to understand which are the main ergonomic components in the construction of the finished product.

The fundamental study of the shape, the stylistic choices of the design and the drive towards constant innovation of the product and of the shoe production methods, make our children’s shoes unique in style and fashionable.

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