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Through the know-how and passion for craftsmanship gained over 45 years in the children’s footwear sector, we offer the brands that will join us a consultancy service to help companies give more value to the finished product.

The Project: from the Brief to the Design, from the Planning to the Development

The LEPI company has always supported, through a consultancy activity, the projects of the most important fashion brands, choosing the right development strategies together with the customers.

Our activity integrates and makes use of consultancy and technical support from the style office to address any critical issues of the product right from the design stage and immediately find alternative solutions to optimize production and reduce costs.

We make available our many years of experience and our skills in the children’s footwear sector, to enhance and innovate the development of new collections of junior fashion accessories.

Luxury brands make use of our experience.

The product is at the center of our experience and services, from design to development and production planning. Our know-how allows us to get to know the children’s fashion market and to stay constantly updated on new developments and technologies.

The best of the past can give life to a new present, linking tradition and artisan excellence to new ideas and the contemporary market.

Our goal is to optimize our clients’ projects and find new ways to integrate sustainability – social, environmental and economic – into every production process.

The LEPI company produces children’s footwear for third parties (private label) for fashion brands and major brands.

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