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The success of sneakers in high fashion, both for men, women but above all for children. Find out more about third-party footwear production.


neakers, footwear initially designed for sporting activity, have made an incredible journey in the world of fashion and haute couture, winning the hearts of men, women and, increasingly, children. This phenomenon represents a significant transformation in the way people conceive of fashion, combining comfort, style and versatility.

As we can see nowadays, sneakers have become a must-have for all ages, even for kids. In particular, luxury sneakers for children are enjoying great success, both in terms of sales and popularity.

According to various market research, in 2023 the global sneaker market reached the value of 163,8 billion dollars, representing 34,9% of the global footwear market. The market share of children’s sneakers epresented approximately 15,1% di of this market, equal to 21,2 billion dollars.

This market is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of 4,2% during 2023-2027, reaching a value of 27,5 billion dollars by 2027.

What are the factors that have allowed sneakers to achieve great success in high fashion?
  • Definitely Comfort: Sneakers are born as comfortable footwear thanks to the cushioned soles and the lightweight materials used in their construction.
  • Their Versatility: The versatility of sneakers makes them suitable for a wide range of occasions and styles, to be worn with both formal and informal clothing, by adults or children, offering a flexibility of style that other types of footwear often do not have.
  • The Streetwear Trend: The โ€œstreetwearโ€ movement has significantly influenced the fashion of sneakers. Collaborations between high fashion brands and sneaker brands have resulted in unique and highly desirable creations.
  • The possibility of Customization: Many high fashion brands allow customers to customize their sneakers, choosing materials, colors and details. This customization adds a touch of exclusivity to the product.
  • Iconicity: Some sneakers have become true style icons, often behind the story of characters or icons from the world of sport and entertainment, which have made them irresistible for lovers of this style.
The expansion of high fashion brands into the luxury sneaker market for children.

A factor that is contributing to the growth of the luxury sneakers market for children is the expansion of high fashion brands that only produce men’s or women’s footwear, and want to create a brand extension for the kids’ footwear sector.

These brands are starting to invest in the children’s segment, offering a range of high-quality sneakers with a refined design.

There are several reasons that push high fashion brands to expand to the children’s segment. First of all, children’s fashion is a fast-growing sector. Secondly, parents are increasingly willing to buy high-quality clothes and accessories for their children. Finally, children are increasingly interested in fashion and want to wear the same clothes as their parents.

Why outsource the contract manufacturing of luxury children’s sneakers?

One of the factors that has contributed to the success of the distribution of luxury sneakers for children is contract manufacturing.

This production model allows high fashion brands to focus on design and marketing, leaving production to third parties skilled in making high quality children’s footwear.

The technical contribution of specialized suppliers will allow adult products to be replicated in every detail for children too, both during the development of the collection and during the industrialization and production of the footwear.

High fashion brands that rely on contract manufacturing for children’s sneakers have several advantages. First of all, as indicated they can count on shoe factories that have long experience in producing high quality children’s sneakers. Secondly, they can reduce production costs. And finally, they can focus on design and marketing, which are essential factors for the success of a fashion product.

The LEPI shoe factory, with over 45 years of history, develops and produces, on behalf of third parties for high fashion brands, luxury sneakers for children and teenagers.

We help large brands who want to create a brand extension towards the kids footwear market, thanks to our Product Development expertise:

  • Design and Style: we work alongside style offices and footwear pattern makers to develop attractive and fashionable product lines for children that perfectly reflect the aesthetics and style of the brand.
  • Materials and Quality for luxury products: we guarantee the use of high quality materials, a guarantee of safety for junior footwear.
  • Project development: we develop footwear prototypes to test their design, fit and comfort.
If you are a luxury brand and are looking for a third-party shoe factory Made in Marche, we are the right company for you!

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