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Our support for the Italian Green Cross.


years, the children’s footwear company LEPI srl has been committed to making its contribution to social welfare activities and projects to encourage the establishment of solid principles of cooperation and development in the community in which we operate.

Precisely for these values, the LEPI company has joined the solidarity project of Guaranteed Mobility, established by the Municipality of Monte San Giusto and the Green Cross of Monte San Giusto, a social program that would have guaranteed the mobility of children, young people and the most fragile elderly and vulnerable in our country.


Through the various economic aids that made the Guaranteed Mobility project possible, the Green Cross of Monte San Giusto will now have an important free mobility service for the elderly, young people, disabled children and families in difficulty in the municipality. These people will have at their disposal a fully equipped means of transport for transfers that help carry out small and large daily needs: social assistance, medical visits and treatments, transport for therapies at rehabilitation centers and hospitals, transport of children and babies otherwise skilled at schools and day care facilities for education, sports, recreation and much more.


The LEPI company has always offered its commitment in favor of the weakest groups through gestures of solidarity such as this one, which allow the strengthening of the sense of union that binds the community, with a special look towards these social categories, which find assistance daily life in free mobility services and health prevention..

In this way we give them the possibility of being able to move more easily, guaranteeing an effective transport service to support medical visits and specific treatments at treatment centers and hospitals. Not only that, this vehicle can also be useful for the transfer of medical devices or to complete health procedures.

The Green Cross of Monte San Giusto will thus be able to continue to take care of those who are less fortunate, as it has been doing for years now.

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